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Internationally working actress



You can watch the episode of 'Die Rosenheim Cops' online now:

On set for 'Polizeiruf 110' directed by Zohr Zahavi. (August 2022)

On stage at Bayrische Komödie Munich in the play "Hinterm Horizont, dann links" (July - August 2022)

On set for 'Die Rosenheim Cops' directed by superbe Laura Thies. Bavaria fiction for ZDF. (May - June 2022)

On set for german TV-production 'Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst'. Produced by Securitel for ZDF. (May - June 2022)

On set for german-austrian co-production 'Himmel, Herrgott, Sakrament', director Franz Xaver Bogner. Produced by Maze Pictures. (May - 2022)

On Stage at 'Komödie im Bayrischen Hof', Munich, for the role of Ulle Henrich in Daniel Glattauers 'Die Liebe Geld'. Due to Covid Infections I stepped in for a colleague. (April 2022)

Firts time on set lawyer for German RTL TV Station in a movie produced by Madame Zheng Productions. (April 2022)

'Nightlife' a movie by german director Simon Verhoeven is streamed on NETFLIX at the time. Check it out! I am supporting in the role of Bernadette Kempe.